past productions

Brassed Off!

Sky 1 : 2013

Broadcast as part of Sky's 'Winners' series, this film follows the fortunes of four bands competing in the annual Yorkshire Brass Band Contest. The musicians know one wrong note could blow their chances. But when the going gets tough, the tough get blowing...

Calf's Head & Coffee

BBC Four : 2012

Gastronaut Stephan Gates goes in search of the cradle of contemporary British cuisine. Does the recent renaissance of home grown food have its origins in a lost golden age 300 years ago?

Winner of the 2013 Guild of Food Writers Award
Shortlisted for the 2013 Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards

The Roasts of Christmas Past

BBC Four : 2012

Exploring television's changing relationship with Christmas dinner. How have chefs like Fanny Craddock, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson put their stamp on our annual feast? How hard is it to give the same old ingredients a new twist? And does it have to be turkey?

Death By Email

Crime & Investigation Network : 2012

The case of William Melchert-Dinkel, who trawled Internet chat rooms encouraging vulnerable young people to commit suicide. Filmed with the cooperation of his victims' families, this documentary charts his reign of terror and the investigation which brought him to justice.

When TV Goes to War

BBC Four : 2012

A look at how war has been dramatised over the years, from The Great War to contemporary conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jimmy Perry reveals how he turned war into comedy in Dad's Army; other contributors include historian Antony Beevor and playwright Alan Bleasdale.

Sex and the Sitcom

BBC Four : 2011

From Rising Damp and Up Pompeii! to contemporary comedies like Peep Show and Him & Her, how has sitcom responded to the Sexual Revolution? This film explores sexual frustration as an enduring sitcom theme, looks at the changing role of women, and analyses the British love of innuendo.

'Brilliant!' -- News of the World

Welly Telly

BBC Four : 2011

Kate Humble, Bill Oddie, Bill Bryson, John Craven and Clarissa Dickson Wright discuss TV's changing relationship - and current obsession - with the countryside.

What explains the huge appeal of shows like Springwatch, Countryfile and Lambing Live to an urban audience? When did farming become sexy? Are sheep really the future of television?

"Quality entertainment" -- Daily Mail

Maid in Britain

BBC Four : 2011

With the success of Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs, a look at how domestic servants have been portrayed on television. Why are butlers, cooks and cleaners so popular with viewers - and how much of what we see on TV is true? Narrated by Anthony Andrews and featuring Julian Fellowes, Jean Marsh, Susan Hampshire and Wendy Craig.

'Highly Entertaining' -- The Independent

Sidekick Stories

BBC Four : 2010

Narrated by Catherine Tate, Sidekick Stories looks at the role of the assistant/companion on television. What are the literary antecedents of the TV sidekick? What's the dramatic function of the game show hostess? And what's it like playing straight man to a puppet? With Tony Robinson on Baldrick, Andrew Sachs on Manuel and Edward Hardwicke on Dr. Watson.

"Television's second-string performers come into focus in an entertaining feature." -- Sunday Times

Gun Nation

Channel Four : 2010

For two years, Crocodile followed an undercover police operation as it tracked a criminal gang trying to smuggle guns into Britain. The painstaking police work led to the seizure of a vehicle in Dover containing drugs, weapons and ammunition, and to the successful conviction of more than 20 people involved in an international crime ring.

"Like The Wire with Lancashire accents and butter pies" -- The Independent

Watching the Dead

BBC Four : 2009

This documentary explores television's fascination with forensic science, from classic shows like Quincy to contemporary dramas Silent Witness, Waking the Dead and CSI. How have scientific advances been reflected in the crime drama - and how did pathology get so sexy?

Contributors include Sue Johnston, Tom Ward, William Gaminara and Jack Klugman.

"What a brilliant idea for a documentary. How come it's not been done before?" -- The Observer

Ghosts in the Machine

BBC Four : 2009

The history of the supernatural on British television. From Hamlet to Most Haunted, this film examines how ghosts abandoned their old haunts of drama and comedy and 'crossed over' into factual and reality TV. How did television become the medium of the medium?

Contributors include Derren Brown, Jane Asher, Mark Gatiss, Jonathan Miller, Bill Paterson and Yvette Fielding.

"A hugely enjoyable romp through small screen spooks." -- Time Out

Crime Scene Insects

Crime & Investigation : 2009

Crime Scene Insects examines recent advances in forensic entomology and shows how insects found on a corpse can reveal the time of death - and much more besides. The world’s top forensic entomologists explain how they cracked their toughest cases.

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